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POLIZFI Anzeigenhauptmeister Sticker (matt)

POLIZFI Anzeigenhauptmeister Sticker (matt)

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- laminierte Sticker in verschiedenen Größen
- Kratz und Wetterfest
- matte Oberfläche
- Mindestbestellmenge: 25 Stück

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Product description

Discover our personalized stickers with your own design! Choose from a variety of options - matte or glossy, in 8 different sizes.

Your own design

For your personalized stickers, all you need to do is provide us with your own design. Whether it's a logo, an image, a lettering or an artistic pattern - let your creativity run wild and design your stickers according to your ideas. Give your objects an individual touch, whether for advertising purposes, as decoration or just for fun.

Durable and reliable

Our permanent adhesive stickers are user-friendly and durable because the stickers are laminated and are therefore scratch and weatherproof.


You can order your stickers from us in 8 different sizes as standard. However, if you would like a size outside of our offer, please feel free to contact us by email
Contact email.