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Mugshot Grinder - Pablo Escobar

Mugshot Grinder - Pablo Escobar

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- Mugshot of Pablo Escobar
- robust aluminum grinder
- available in 10 colors
- Dimensions 55mm
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Product description

Discover the aluminum grinder with magnetic closure - the ultimate tool for grinding tobacco, marijuana or CBD! This grinder was specially developed for all lovers of high-quality herbs who want to achieve optimal grinding results.


Mugshots are photos taken by police after an arrest to document a person's appearance. They are used to identify and assist in law enforcement. Some famous mugshots are of Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, David Bowie, Al Capone and are world famous.

Perfect hold thanks to the magnetic closure

The outstanding magnetic closure of this grinder ensures a perfect hold and ensures that no valuable weed is lost. Whether you're grinding weed for use in your vaporizer, for rolling joints, or for other purposes, this grinder holds everything securely in place so you can count on a consistent and efficient grind.

Precise points

The sharp and precise teeth of this grinder are perfectly suited to grinding tobacco, buds and CBD. They allow you to effortlessly chop to the desired consistency - be it coarse for joints or fine for vaporizers.


The sturdiness of this grinder is remarkable thanks to the high-quality aluminum material it is made of. It is strong enough to handle even the toughest buds and buds while maintaining its shape and sharpness.

Easy to clean for long-lasting quality

In addition, the grinder or herb mill is easy to clean, so you can always keep it in the best condition to grind your herbs in perfect condition.

The perfect combination of functionality, quality and

The aluminum grinder is a perfect combination of functionality, quality and durability.