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Pre-Roll Tubes 116mm

Pre-Roll Tubes 116mm

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-Dimensions 116mm
-available in 3 colors
- Minimum order quantity: 5 pieces (colors can be combined)

Menge 5 - 9 10 - 24 25 - 49 50 - 99 100 - 199 200 - 399 400+
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Product description

Are you looking for a practical and reliable solution to safely store and transport your rolled joints, blunts or cigarettes? Our pre-roll tube or joint case made of robust plastic is the perfect choice.

Protection for everyday use

Whether for everyday use or for safe transport to festivals or celebrations - this case offers you the ideal protection for your joint. Our plastic pre roll or joint case keeps your rolled jays safe and protects them from bends, breaks or other damage.

Discreet and compact storage

The case is compact, robust and discreetly designed in black, white or transparent, so you can easily transport your joints in bags, pockets, wallets or backpacks without them attracting attention. In addition, the case largely suppresses the odors of the herbal mixture, so you can transport your joint discreetly.

Easy access with intelligent locking system

The closure of the case can be opened with a slight pressure on the sides above the pre roll. This means you have quick and easy access to your joint at any time so you can enjoy it to the fullest.