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Designed Jar 60ml (3.5g) with Labels - Cookies Gelato

Designed Jar 60ml (3.5g) with Labels - Cookies Gelato

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- 60 ml Jar for approx. 3.5g
- with Labels
- Labels with tamper-proof seal!
- Brown glass (UV protected)
- with Lid
- Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces
Menge 10 - 24 25 - 49 50 - 69 70 - 199 200 - 300
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Product description

Are you looking for a reliable and stylish packaging solution for your valuable weed products? Our brown glass jars, also known as Amber Jars, are the ideal choice! These high quality jars have been specifically designed to keep your cannabis safe and fresh while looking stylish.

High quality brown glass

Our Amber Jars are made of thick amber glass that not only looks stylish but also effectively blocks light and harmful UV rays. This preserves the quality of your weed products by protecting them from harmful light exposure.

Optimal size

Each jar has a capacity of 60ml and is perfect for safely storing up to 3.5 grams of your valuable weed. The compact design allows you to package your products discreetly and easily transportable.

Secure and airtight seal

Our jars are equipped with a high quality closure that ensures the contents remain fresh and protected. The seal also protects against unpleasant odors and ensures that no unwanted smells escape to the outside.

Discreet and stylish

The amber glass look of the Amber Jars gives your products an elegant and sophisticated look. Whether you use them at home or on the go, these glasses are discreet and won't attract unwanted attention.


Whether for your cannabis, medicinal weed products or CBD, our Amber Jars are versatile and can be used to store a variety of herbs and flowers.